In home carerFor over a century, the Charity has been a source of funds for ‘relief in need’ and for the general benefit of the inhabitants of the Village. 
Today, individuals still benefit, some regularly and some on a ‘one-off’ basis. 

Community projects and groups are also supported. In 2023, the Charity made charitable grants of over £40,000. This is in addition to the Charity’s responsibility for maintaining and conserving the natural environment.

The main areas of funding are:
-  Benefits and Support to individuals that can take many forms
-  Grants to Organisations that provide charitable support to the community
-  Educational Grants for Village inhabitants in full-time education


More details about how the Charity can assist those in need can be found in this document:  Here to Help - a guide for applicants 

The Here to Help application form can be downloaded HERE 

For further information please contact the Clerk, Matthew Wetmore, using our Contact Form or email: 
Postal Address: WCLC, PO Box 73, Halesworth IP19 0AU